How to build around a star Vampire

So, long time no see I guess, or something. One of the most exciting things in Vampire is the vast majority of concepts and cards available to make deckbuilding interesting. And what could possibly be more exciting than picking your favorite bloodsucker and building a whole archetype around him? 1/ Let The Right One In... Continue Reading →

Nosferatu V5

You've been waiting for it in many ways: this is both our "get out of torpor" article, and the preview for the new Nosferatu pre-constructed deck ("Nosfe precon" for the friends). You will love it, hate it, or anything in-between. But I don't think it will leave you unaffected: for this deck Black Chantry chose... Continue Reading →

So, you want to play Ashur Tablets?

Ashur Tablets made an entrance in Keepers of Tradition, and introduced ash heap recursion to VtES like never before – even though it was out there (mainly as a niche for Giovanni), not even Fox Mulder could believe hard enough in it to make it a mainstream strategy. The tablets arguably make any deck type... Continue Reading →

Top 5: the 1-Caps

In this series we'll rank the 5 best vampires for each Capacity. Of course this list might evolve with time. Those lists are more or less subjective, as, well, everything else on this blog. But please consider our articles like holy scripture, it will spare us some argumenting efforts. Let's begin with the weeniest of... Continue Reading →

New vampires in sight!

In these days of vampire scarcity (bad pun intended), we're happy to get new ones as promos or in decks that were not built around their clans. We just got a few new ones, so let's have a look (and a reveal preview too, because we love you like that and we have some inside... Continue Reading →

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