NKOTB 4 : Staying Confident or Why You Should Never Abandon Anything In Your Life, Ever

So, yeah, long time no see I guess. At first I wanted to do an article about the top 10 Wake cards, because I'm subtle like that. Then, I remembered the horrific art of On The Qui Vive and had to hide in a closet for a few hours. Since excuses are overrated anyway, I... Continue Reading →


Antediluvian Poker Night

Antediluvian Poker Saturday Night: About 3.42am: The Lair of the Antediluvian of the Gangrel The Scene: A large Egyptian Pyramid; we are inside. It is a massive area, covered in dust; ancient tombs surround the walls; the whole place stinks of decay and death. In the centre of the room sit a group of Kindred,... Continue Reading →

Antediluvian Humour: Sex

Antediluvians discuss Sex (Muffled talking and harsh whispers.) VENTRUE Thank you all for coming. As usual, we have a situation on hand that we need to talk about. TOREADOR The defacing of the Art Institute by anonymous Rabble? (Dirty look to BRUJAH.) TZIMISCE Caitiff running wild? (Dirty look to BRUJAH.) TREMERE The defacing of the... Continue Reading →

Antediluvian Humour : Disciplines

The Antediluvians - How vampires got their Disciplines VENTRUE "Thank you all for attending. I again call the council to discuss yet ANOTHER problem we are having with our... youth." TOREADOR You have our undivided attentions, as usual. Please, go on. (RAVNOS makes wet ass-kissing sounds and a roll of gypsy eyes. MALKAV grabs him... Continue Reading →

Antediluvian Humour : Clan Flaws

How Vampires Got Their Weaknesses VENTRUE Okay folks. We have another problem. The "kids" want to know how we tell each other apart...what makes us unique. TOREADOR That's easy...we are all unique... special.. beautiful in our own way we-- BRUJAH Shut the hell up. He means like what separates CLANS you pantywaste. MALKAV Never waste... Continue Reading →

Antediluvian Humour

Ventrue: Ok guys, sit down please. I suppose you’re thinking about the reason you were called. Toreador: Yes, I think so. I have a meeting in two hours. And I just CAN’T be late. Ventrue: Right, right. Order! I don’t know about you, but my children are asking me… Er… Too much. Some kind of…... Continue Reading →

Antediluvian Humour: Gehenna

Vampires - Gehenna: The Real Story TREMERE: "Awright, Haqim! I have HAD it with you! You're gonna die!" HAQIM: "Says you. Phbbbt!" TREMERE: "Oh, yeah? Thaumaturgy 10, Lure of Flames! I blow up Asia!" HAQIM: "Celerity 10. I dodge. I'm now standing in the middle of the ocean." TREMERE: "Thaumaturgy 10, Neptune's Might. I boil... Continue Reading →

Interview: Noora Hirvonen

Noora Hirvonen is an active VTES player and talented illustrator. As you will see if you don't already know her she's also a very nice and funny person. We hope you'll enjoy reading her interview as much as we did making it! Hello Noora ! You’re one of the illustrators for VTES cards. Can you... Continue Reading →

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