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New website!!

We've been wanting to do it for a long while, but we've finally jumped the gun: the blog now has a proper hosting, devoid of commercial banners, and free of all constraints! It's taking some work to get back all the data, convert it, find a new theme (the old one didn't exist outside of... Continue Reading →

Top 5: the 2-Caps

Wow, this one has been a long time coming! Part One was such a long time ago I think I actually still had hair at the time... Well, maybe not that long. A discussion on a VTES group about "the best 4-Caps" (obviously it's Bobby Lemon, duh!) made me want to revisit this theme, so... Continue Reading →

The Rosegarden Part II: TOREADOR V5

So, you still want to play Toreador? It is time to welcome back all artists, connoisseurs, socialites and hedonistic monsters! It is time for the part II of our Toreador review. To get the most out of this article, please have a look at part I of our Toreador review, where foundations of understanding competitive... Continue Reading →

Starting a VTES collection

We're getting more and more new players, or old ones coming back from torpor. This article will be for them (sorry old friends), to help them know where and how to begin. But it is also intended to be an up-to-date ressource concerning the availability of cards, and the current banned and errated cards. Other... Continue Reading →

2022 EC Analysis

Thanks to the EC organisers, we have access to a complete list of all played decks, together with their score. This lets us analyse the tournament performance of cards in a whole new way

The Fall of London

London has fallen. The Second Inquisition has hunted all the vampires of the city, and those not dead must flee for their unlives. Even the mighty Mithras and his followers seem to have failed to resist the relentless assault of those mere mortals. Once more, the vampires have underestimated the ressources of the humans, and... Continue Reading →

Interview: Hugh Angseesing

That's right! Tonight we give you the words of Black Chantry Production's CEO! And believe me, it hasn't been an easy task, the man has a lot on his aggenda! But he was nice enough to take the time to answer a few questions that, I think, will interest all of you. And if some... Continue Reading →

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