Top 5: the 1-Caps

In this series we’ll rank the 5 best vampires for each Capacity. Of course this list might evolve with time.

Those lists are more or less subjective, as, well, everything else on this blog. But please consider our articles like holy scripture, it will spare us some argumenting efforts.

Let’s begin with the weeniest of weenies: the 1-Caps!

First our honorable mentions, pretty good vamps who didn’t quite make it to the top:

  • Afifa / Royce: obviously Dom is good. But inferior Dom and 1 blood only get you so far.
  • Dirk has inferior Pre, which is good, and Ben Peal’s face, which is, well… Ben Peal’s!
  • Igo the Hungry: a star in the old days, but his hunger can be quite problematic.
  • Smudge the Ignored: a legend in his own right, but… Let’s just ignore him!

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for: the Top 5!

N°5 Angela Deckerangeladecker.jpg

That one was hard to determine. Honestly, there are several vamps who could take this spot. In a pure Weenie Pre deck Antoinette DuChamp will be better, because of a less handicapping special and the possibility to become a Prince (now that Caitiff is a clan).
But Angela is a Pander, and as such will find its place in that most lethal of archetypes, the Legacy Of Pander. And let’s face it: when you play weenie, you don’t really care about the eventuality of losing 2 pool…

lisanoble.jpgN°4 Lisa Noble

Inferior Ani for 1, and a weakness that won’t be one if you have an Aid From Bats (which is sorta the point in weenie Animalism…), what else is there to say?! She could be tied with Navar McClaren or Walker Grimes, but their weaknesses are arguably worse and her grouping is better (as of now).

eddiegaines.jpgN°3 Eddie Gaines

Yes, you could play him in a weenie Pot. But let’s be serious. This guy is so good he gave his name to the Fast Eddie weenie dem archetype. With just a few cards he can bleed for 4 at stealth and make you gain 1 pool. How, you say? Well, let’s Dive into Madness and find out. Not too shabby, for a 1-Cap!

D:!SystemUsersSydnelsonOneDrivePROJECT VTES CARD CREATIONNN°2 Tupdog

When one of these guys comes out, everyone at the table shivers. Very few opponents can survive his rushes for long, as he can set range, tear a signpost, immortalize the moment, and use his raking talons on your vital parts. Sure, he’s costly in the long run, he needs a big setup, and you will have to face the whole table. But there’s a reason for that, and it’s a good one. Those Tuppy puppies are broken…

N°1 Anarch ConvertE:PROJECTFILESFullCryptClans C, D and F.pdf

Who else? This little guy has totally changed the playability of Anarch decks. You can use extra copies to cycle, and even get one out to bleed, block, remove Pentex… Few vampires have had so much impact on the game, so this nameless (but still Unique!) anarch totally deserves the gold medal.

That’s it for now. And guess what comes next in the series? Yeah, you’re such a medium…

Orpheus, with advice from the team


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