Highway to Paris 4 : How To Play When You’re The Less Skilled Player Of The Table

For the last iteration of our series, I want you to picture the following situation: It’s been a stressful day, but you managed to do it: you made finals! In the poorly lit underground of the illegal bar where you are playing your last game, you observe your opponents. To your left, your prey is... Continue Reading →

Nephandus: Starter and Strategy

So the new Tremere Antitribu starter has been revealed! And as there is no new card in it we can freely talk about it. This will also be the occasion to talk about the Tier1 archetype that is at the heart of that preconstructed deck : Antonio d'Erlette and his Nephandus (Nephandi? Nephandii? Who cares?).... Continue Reading →

Choosing decks 101

So maybe you're beginning to play VTES. Or maybe you're just getting into competitive game? Perhaps you've played but not built much? Mayhap you just came out of torpor and the game has changed so much... In any of these cases, and probably more: this article is for you! THE BASICS When you choose a... Continue Reading →

Interview : Jorge Delgado

Jorge Delgado is a spanish player living in Paris, France, and has been a competitive player at the highest levels since 2012. He is currently ranked 1st Spanish and 15th World, and is this year's Champion of Belgium. So Jorge, welcome to the Information Highway. You recently won the 2018 Belgian Championship, congratulations. What can... Continue Reading →

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