Highway To Paris 2: Some Decks To Consider

Hi, and welcome to the second instalment of this series dedicated to prepare you to win the next EC in Paris. In case you missed it, you can find the first part here. You've done your homework, you've picked up your plane tickets, you've learned how to say "I would like to buy one baguette,... Continue Reading →


Nephandus: Starter and Strategy

So the new Tremere Antitribu starter has been revealed! And as there is no new card in it we can freely talk about it. This will also be the occasion to talk about the Tier1 archetype that is at the heart of that preconstructed deck : Antonio d'Erlette and his Nephandus (Nephandi? Nephandii? Who cares?).... Continue Reading →

Deckbuilding 101

Okay, we've talked about choosing an archetype and netdecking. But then comes the time to make your own decks, and there are some things that every player, no matter how experienced should keep in mind for deckbuilding. The four questions you should always ask yourselves when making / tweaking or evaluating a deck are: What... Continue Reading →

Choosing decks 101

So maybe you're beginning to play VTES. Or maybe you're just getting into competitive game? Perhaps you've played but not built much? Mayhap you just came out of torpor and the game has changed so much... In any of these cases, and probably more: this article is for you! THE BASICS When you choose a... Continue Reading →

Deck Size Matters

In VTES you have the choice about your library size: it can be anywhere between 60 and 90 cards. That's pretty unusual for a card game, as is the absence of Card Limit. Sometimes total liberty can be so difficult to bear that we build our own prisons [/end of philosophical musings]. So how many... Continue Reading →

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