Interview: Ginés Quiñonero

Ginés Quiñonero is, as we'll see below, many things for the VTES community. But more than anything, he's a great guy I've had the pleasure to know for, well, quite a few years. And he didn't age at all so he's definitely a vampire, no doubt! Here's our way to "give back to Caesar", albeit... Continue Reading →

Interview: Noora Hirvonen

Noora Hirvonen is an active VTES player and talented illustrator. As you will see if you don't already know her she's also a very nice and funny person. We hope you'll enjoy reading her interview as much as we did making it! Hello Noora ! You’re one of the illustrators for VTES cards. Can you... Continue Reading →

Interview: Danilo Torrisi

Danilo Torrisi is an italian player from Genoa. He is currently ranked N°1 World VTES Player, far ahead of his followers. He’s also a pretty nice guy, so it was my pleasure to interview him and I hope you’ll find his answers as interesting as I did. Ciao Danilo! Hello How long have you been... Continue Reading →

Interview : Jorge Delgado

Jorge Delgado is a spanish player living in Paris, France, and has been a competitive player at the highest levels since 2012. He is currently ranked 1st Spanish and 15th World, and is this year's Champion of Belgium. So Jorge, welcome to the Information Highway. You recently won the 2018 Belgian Championship, congratulations. What can... Continue Reading →

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