New vampires in sight!

In these days of vampire scarcity (bad pun intended), we're happy to get new ones as promos or in decks that were not built around their clans. We just got a few new ones, so let's have a look (and a reveal preview too, because we love you like that and we have some inside... Continue Reading →

Reign of Stanislava, review

So we now know all about the contents of the 25th Anniversary pack. Let's see if the goods... Are good! PRECONSTRUCTED DECK: Crypt (12 cards) 2 Hartmut Stover 2 Ingrid Rossler 2 Mark Decker 4 Stanislava 2 Xaviar (Adv) No surprise here. I wish there was some Genevieve, at least one instead of the second... Continue Reading →

!Toreador Starter: Libertine Ball

Welcome, welcome, to the last article about the new starters! It’s been a joy to write them together, and your feedback has been very positive about it, thanks a lot! For those of you who don’t know it yet, this last starter is basically a Palla Grande deck, using the 4/5 grouping. Palla Grande is... Continue Reading →

Tzimisce Starter : Den of Fiends

Welcome to our third in-depth article about the new starter decks, with this time the mighty (and frankly disgusting) Tzimisce ! Like most of the Tzimisce decks it's an intercept/fight deck, using Auspex & Animalism cards to block, and Animalism & Vicissitude to fight (and torporize). I) The Crypt CRYPT CARDS [12] 2 America Johnson... Continue Reading →

Nephandus: Starter and Strategy

So the new Tremere Antitribu starter has been revealed! And as there is no new card in it we can freely talk about it. This will also be the occasion to talk about the Tier1 archetype that is at the heart of that preconstructed deck : Antonio d'Erlette and his Nephandus (Nephandi? Nephandii? Who cares?).... Continue Reading →

New Starters review, no spoilers

THEY ARE COMING OUT !! No, I'm not talking about the next Game of Thrones episodes. This isn't about the sexual revelations of your favourite celebrities either. THE VTES STARTERS ARE BACK !! At last !! Yes, some of us have been waiting quite a long time for that, so it deserves several exclamation marks.... Continue Reading →

Lost Kindred: the verdict

After some months of testing the new expansion in our playgroups and on the tournament scene, we can now see how it has impacted the metagame. Lost Kindred was supposed to boost the five - allegedly - worst Bloodlines and make them playable. We will examine each of them to see if that succeeded, and... Continue Reading →

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