Highway to Paris 4 : How To Play When You’re The Less Skilled Player Of The Table

For the last iteration of our series, I want you to picture the following situation: It’s been a stressful day, but you managed to do it: you made finals! In the poorly lit underground of the illegal bar where you are playing your last game, you observe your opponents. To your left, your prey is... Continue Reading →

Highway To Paris 3: How To Improve Your Deck And Actually Win

The EC in Paris is getting close and so is the conclusion of this series. We talked about  how to read, how to copy decks from the internet and you had a pleasant chat in front of the coffee machine with Emma, the cute girl from accounting, where you exchanged pictures of cats (don't thank... Continue Reading →

Highway To Paris 1 : The Fundamentals

I'm sure most of you know that in slightly less than two months, the European Championship will be held in the beautiful town of Paris, which also happens to be where I'm currently living and … well, I'm very excited about it. I figured that, since a lot of people started playing earlier this year... Continue Reading →

Tales from the TWDA 1: So it begins

Hello and welcome to this new serie named « Tales from the TWDA ». In case you’re not familiar with the TWDA, well, first of all, this means you haven’t been reading our blog, which makes me sad. The TWDA (Tournament Winning Deck Archive), is the compilation of EVERY deck that won a competitive tournament... Continue Reading →

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