The Missing Link: !Ventrue Starter deck

Welcome to another starter deck review... well, sort of. A good amount of people were asking about which deck they should play if they wanted to complete a table of 5, with only 4 Black Chantry Sabbat starters. Being the kind human beings we are, we figured we would help you out! We wanted to... Continue Reading →


Antediluvian Humour: Sex

Antediluvians discuss Sex (Muffled talking and harsh whispers.) VENTRUE Thank you all for coming. As usual, we have a situation on hand that we need to talk about. TOREADOR The defacing of the Art Institute by anonymous Rabble? (Dirty look to BRUJAH.) TZIMISCE Caitiff running wild? (Dirty look to BRUJAH.) TREMERE The defacing of the... Continue Reading →

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