About Us


Who are these strange Kindred patrolling the Information Highway ?

Well, we’re players from Paris, France, each with very different profiles.

Allow us to shortly present ourselves.

Serge “Orpheus”, Clan Giovanni
VTES player since 2000. Ex Prince of Marseilles, French Champion 2006, active again on the tournament scene after a bit of torpor. Brings the “Old School” touch to the blog.

Gilles “Liforre”, Clan Ventrue

VTES player since November 2017. Competitive player in Star Wars Destiny, L5R, GoT and several others. 2019 Champion of Belgium. Brings the “New Guy” perspective, and his experience from dueling CCGs.

Maxime “Ezra”, Clan Toreador

VTES player since 2014. Winner of the 2016 Hungarian Grand Prix ECQ and the 2016 Genoa FCQ.
Brings the “New Hitman In Town” vibe. Also, our invisible conscience…

Petrus “Kraus”, Clan Toreador
VTES player since around 2004. Ex Prince of Prince of Joensuu. Winner of 2017 Finnish Ropecon ECQ.
Our latest recruit, the first to join us on our travels. Probably not the last, nor the fittest of mind…

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