LynchLandmarks4_zps94be7db4Are you lost on the Highway, Kindred? Are you looking for Information and having trouble finding it?

Well look no further! We’re here to help… For a small Minor Boon of course.

  • Where can I order VTES cards?
  • Is one of those products enough to start playing?
    Well it depends which ones. If you want to start fast we recommend the new starter decks: 1 or 2 of each is enough to be quite competitive!
    You will find HERE our reviews on each of them.
  • How do I find cards that aren’t reprinted yet?
    You can of course buy some collections from players who stopped the game, but be careful if you don’t know what they are really worth.
    But for now you can also legally print your cards online and play them in any tournament except National and Continental Championships ! Just make sure to put them in opaque sleeves with cards from other CCGs in the back (if you don’t have any buy some cheap common cards of the right format). So, in other words, you don’t need to spend a cent to have a playable deck for VTES ! Of course when the main cards get reprinted we recommend you buy the “real thing”.
    Tip : when you print cards on the Amaranth site, I suggest to choose “print old design” rather than the design that the site created.
  • Ok that’s great, but how do I learn to play?
    Here is the link to the official VTES rules. You might prefer the PDF version, which is much more palatable for the new player.
    You will find some articles which will help you build and play your decks on this blog. You might especially like our articles HERE and HERE.
  • How can I find other players?
    It all depends on where you live. You might want to check the VTES World Facebook page, join the VEKN.Net Forum, or find the appropriate site / page for your country.
    Of course you can also create your own playgroup!
    The game just came back into print, so the community is still coming back to unlife. But we’re confident that it will soon be blooming again, and that it will be much easier to find players anywhere!
  • Can I play VTES online?
    There is no official VTES Online site or application. But some generic sites have their plugin that allow to play VTES, even if it requires some practice. If you want to try it out we recommend Lackey CCG. You will find more info on the VTES Lackey CCG Facebook page.
  • Can we make houserules to match other CCGs?
    Well you can do what you want but we absolutely DO NOT recommend it. Richard Garfield created VTES after Magic and made different rules to create a different game. For instance in VTES there are no Card Limits and no Mulligan (no need for it, really). The game is balanced like this, don’t fix what isn’t broken !
  • What other online resources do you recommend?
    Here is a detailed explanation of the links you can find on the right, and a few others.
    Amaranth has several useful resources.
    You can also use Secret Library to browse for cards and make your decks.
    If you prefer to make decks in a desktop program you can use the Fragments of Elder Library or Anarch Revolt deck builders. has several great ressources, among which their newsletter and the Tournament Winning Deck Archive (more on this soon).
    VTES One (ex Extrala) is a great blog full of ressources, and the keep up with the actuality.
    You will find interesting articles on Hunfragment
    If you want to know more about the characters you play in VTES visit Charlotte by Night.
    For the competitive frenchmen : you can download a compilation of the Tournament Rulings

Well Kindred, you used to be lost but we hope that now you’re found. Don’t hesitate to ask for more Information, that’s what we’re here for!

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